POYNTER Remote Assistant Service


User select monthly plan, then register user account. User account must not be transferable and resalable.


POYNTER defines payment method. Non-refundable.


Each monthly plan defines consumable number of tickets. The tickets validity period is a month. No carry over.


POYNTER defines how to order tasks. The each task assistant can execute is 20min works. If over 20min works, user consumes one more tickets. If assistant evaluates what the task can not be executed, assistant can cancel the task on his/her own authority.

Not Available Task

Call by phone. Please ask assistant to use skype/hang out.

Web search to obtain personal data

Task which requires physical transfer

Task which requires business judgement

Sales call

Task which deliver spam mail

Tasj which overs assistant performance

Warranty and Indemnity

No Warranty, No Indemnity for the task and result.

Minimum length of Using

3 months


User can cancel the service anytime after minimum length of using.

Service Update, Stop

POYNTER can update service contents or stop service or update service price anytime.